General Assembly

The General Assembly meets twice a year and is EUNIDA’s main decision-making organ. Decisions on key issues such as the admission of new Members and budgetary matters are voted on in the General Assembly.

Members of the grouping are represented in the General assembly by their Chief Executive Officers or the people they designate to represent them.

Board of Directors

EUNIDA's Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for the key strategic direction of the grouping. In line with its mission to achieve the goals and objectives set by the General Assembly Meeting, the BoD ensures that EUNIDA has up-to-date, clear and positive goals.

The BoD is representative of the network´s membership and all Members and Observers can attend. It meets every two months.

EUNIDA´s President of the Board of Directors presents yearly goals in an annual work plan and reports on the progress towards their completion, so that a systematic improvement can be made. In good European fashion, there is a revolving Presidency, currently held by Crown Agents (UK) since January 2016.

There are three Vice-Presidents from the following organisations: Experise France, AEI and EPLC.The Vice-Presidents support the work of the President.


The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day execution and implementation of the network´s strategy, the communication process between members and the administrative functions of the network.

Working Groups

Different working groups composed of Members, deal with specific issues of co-operation and meet more frequently. They report their conclusions to the Board of Directors. New working groups can be created on demand and interest of the network members.

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