New EUNIDA Presidency addresses the CODEV representatives

Following a presentation at the meeting of the Council’s Working Party on Development Cooperation (CODEV) little over a year ago, the newly elected EUNIDA Presidency introduced its strategic priorities at a meeting of the CODEV Working Group on Monday 17th of February.


Throughout his opening address, EUNIDA President, Mr. Cyrille Pierre, recalled that the EUNIDA structure, with its 17 European member agencies, enables unique resource sharing and is a platform for complex and multi-sectoral project implementation, which can contribute to building stronger links between diverse foreign policy objectives and notably between the security and the development agendas. However, EUNIDA remains largely underestimated by the Commission compared to other structures and notably to International Organizations. 


Mr. Cyrille Pierre highlighted that EUNIDA’s vision is to provide a strategic platform for implementation can be a very powerful tool in the hands of the European institutions, particularly in the articulation of strategic partnerships in those scenarios where core interests of the EU are at stake. In this regard, Mr. Cyrille Pierre highlighted the East and South Neighbourhood and Africa particularly in complex stabilization and post-conflict settings. Similarly, Mr Pierre insisted in the capacities of EUNIDA to support EU’s strategic partnership with other regional integration structures, in Africa, Asia or Latin America.


Finally, Mr Cyril PIERRE warmly encouraged other agencies of EU member states to join the Network as part of the ambition of the network to continue enlarging the base for representation and, most importantly, the real operational capacities of EUNIDA.


Alongside Mr Pierre, the EUNIDA Chief Executive highlighted that two years of internal reflection have prepared the ground for EUNIDA to create real added value and optimal conditions to achieve operational success on the ground both, by reviewing the qualities of EUNIDA’s programme implementation tools, but also by looking into ways to expand the array of contracting mechanisms that can be used in articulating its partnership with the European Commission. 


A significant number of member states’ representatives indicated their full support and appreciation for the renewed dialogue with CODEV to further unlock EUNIDA’s potential. The Greek Presidency of the EU concluded by recommending to keep strengthening the level of ambition of EUNIDA in order to achieve greater involvement in the implementation of European programming.

From left to right: Carlos Hernandez (EUNIDA Chief Executive); Michal Kaplan (Director CzDA); Lucie Necasova (Liaison Officer CzDA)

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