Project Title: Support to Civil Society in Libya

Sector: Civil Society

Overall Term: 01/2012 - 12/2013

Financial Instrument: DCI

Budget: € 3.000.000

Detailed project description:

This project aims to create an enabling environment for Civil Society Organisations (CSO) where they can effectively perform their activities and take part in the decision making process, and while acting as catalysts for political participation, local developments and the satisfaction of basic needs. Technical assistance will be provided to the new Libyan authorities and relevant ministries and local councils to enable them to establish an environment conducive to the development and strengthening of civil society in line with democratic principles and the rule of law.

The project comprises four components:

  1. Revision of the regulatory framework and training for staff
  2. Policy dialogue on priority sectors
  3. Process management
  4. Assistance to the EU in donor coordination and aid effectiveness

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