Project title: Disaster Assessment and Needs Identification Missions

Sector: Post-Crisis

Overall term: 09/2006 - 11/2006

Financial Instrument: ENPI

Budget: €256.000

Detailed project description:Following a significant incursion into Lebanon by Israeli military forces in July 2006 and the resulting heavy damage to infrastructure in the south of the country, the European Commission engaged EUNIDA under two separate contracts:

  1. to conduct a rapid damage assessment survey to identify outstanding needs and through
  2. an additional Needs Identification Mission to enable the EC to determine the detail of any further assistance to be provided.

The damage assessment was carried out by a number of civil engineers who assessed the damage to electrical infrastructure, water and sanitation facilities, and to bridges and roads, plus an economic expert who assessed the impact of the conflict upon Lebanon’s social and economic development.
Subsequently, the same team, but supported by an additional expert in housing, conducted the needs identification part of the assignment, scoping an EC programme of support covering infrastructure, economic and social sectors.

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