ASEAN Crisis Centres

Project title: ASEAN Crisis Centres Project

Sector: Regional Integration

Overall term: 07/2013 – 12/2015

Financial Instrument: IfS

Budget: € 2,776,288

Detailed project description

The ASEAN region faces a multitude of inter-related risks. These are related to food security and agricultural risk, natural catastrophes, resource needs (food, water, energy), population growth, unprecedented urbanization and population migration, rapid economic advancement, wealth and income disparities, exposure to pandemics, climate change and geopolitical instability. 

EUNIDA is responsible for the definition of the ASEAN EU Emergency Response Programme which will aim at enabling ASEAN and its member states to develop a more cohesive, coordinated and effective emergency response and early warning/situational awareness capability in order to facilitate timely and efficient response to emergencies (natural or man-made disasters), as well as to enhance cooperation with other regional and international organisations.

In particular the project will help strengthen the ASEAN crisis/emergency response architecture and early warning / situation awareness capabilities, as well as the AHA Centre and a number of individual National Crisis Response Centres in the ASEAN region. It will also provide support for a more cohesive and coordinated approach to emergency response among the ASEAN member states. Furthermore it will seek to enhance and facilitate links between the EU situation room, the Emergency Response Centre (MIC/ERC), the AHA Centre, the ASEAN Secretariat and other Emergency Operation Centres in ASEAN in order to strengthen capacities to foresee and rapidly react to emergency response situations. Lastly, a High Level Conference on Managing Complex International Crisis will be held in Brussels in order to strengthen cooperation and networking between the EU and international early-warning actors.

Main activities will include:

  • Strengthening AHA and ASEAN Member states Crisis, Centres coordination and response tools.
  • Provide capacity-building for the AHA Centre and ASEAN Emergency Operations Centres. 
  • Strengthening the operational capacity of the AHA Centre and Emergency Operations Centres. 
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of the AHA Centre.
  • Enhancing cooperation and networking on emergency response and preparedness between ASEAN, EU and international early warning actors. 
  • Supporting national Situation Rooms.

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Project News

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