Global Crisis Response Support Programme - GCRSP

Project title: Global Crisis Response Support Programme - GCRSP

Sector: Regional Crisis Response Management

Overall term: 02/2015 – 02/2017

Financial Instrument: IfS

Budget: € 2,611,537

Detailed project description

The Latin America and Caribbean region (LCR) faces both natural and man-made crisis. Due to its geographic location and geotectonic characteristics the region is exposed to a wide range of natural hazards, including storms, droughts, extreme temperatures, floods and landslides, many of which are aggravated by the recurrent El Niño and la Nina Southern Oscillation. 

Similarly, crime and violence represent a major threat for Latin America and the Caribbean. Transnational organized crime, trafficking of illicit drugs and illegal guns constitute immediate and significant threats. Other tangible threats to the region include human trafficking, smuggling and to a lesser extent terrorism and attacks on critical infrastructure. 

CARICOM and OAS have both played a crucial role in resolving conflicts and responding to disasters in their member states. However, these initiatives were conducted mostly via ex-post activities, after the conflict or disaster has occurred. One of the key challenges for the respective organizations is to become more proactive and start planning ex-ante in order to prevent the conflicts or alleviate the impact of disaster and crisis situations. 

The objective of this project is to enhance crisis response mechanisms and early-warning/situation awareness capabilities of these (sub-) regional organisations and/or their Member States in order to better respond to or prevent conflict and to prepare for post-conflict and post-disaster recovery. Moreover, it is also the project's aim to strenghten the links between the EU Situation Room and similar facilities in regional organizations. Doing so the project provides support for a better coordinated approach to crisis response between the member states of regional organizations and with the EU, while ensuring an optimal gender awareness.

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