Project Title: Civilian Capacity building for Law Enforcement (CCBLE)

Sector: Security Sector

Overall Term: 03/2010 - 02/2012

Financial Instrument: IfS

Detailed project description:

EUNIDA has been contracted to assist the European Commission in providing support to Pakistani authorities to improve the capacity of the civilian law enforcement agencies and the judicial system.

The CCBLE project is divided into 5 components, each representing a main objective of the programme and delivering different services, primarily trainings and consultations.

  1. Improving the capacity of NACTA (National Counter-Terrorism Authority);
  2. Improving the capacity of the provincial police forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (North-West Frontier Province) and Punjab to handle counter-terrorism investigations;
  3. Improving the ability of law enforcement agencies (LEA) to handle media relations;
  4. Supporting more effective interaction between the prosecution service and the police by assisting in the improvement of investigation standards, whilst fully respecting the independence and impartiality of the Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service;
  5. Improving the understanding of governance issues in the border areas with Afghanistan

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